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US criminal court for PTSD veterans

Jennifer Wade of Vancouver had a story of her own to relate to Jennifer Westaway's report from California on special courts in the U.S. for PTDS veterans who commit crimes on the February 16th Dispatches program 


I wonder if we dream to think people can ever come back from the brutality of war and  be "normal" again? My father, a Canadian, was a psychiatrist with the Indian Medical Service during World War II, and as such, ran a convalescent home in Naini Tal, India, for the soldiers coming and going from the Burma Front.

Often he would say that what returns from the war to a nation makes for the real tragedy.
His hope was just to give the returning soldiers some purpose, perhaps some new purpose since many of them had come to see life as cruel, meaningless, and pointless. But he never once even pretended they could be the same men who left for war.

I often think about his observations as our soldiers now return from Afghanistan, a tragic war that in my opinion, never should have been. 

William Burr writes:

    Hi Rick,

Just heard Jennifer Westaway's documentary on the veterans' court in the U.S. Loved it - stayed in the car in my driveway to listen instead of going into the house. Thanks so much to you and her for bringing it to me.


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