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Colombia's "no-name dead"

The February 2 edition of Dispatches featured Nadja Drost's moving piece about Puerto Berrio, a river village where many dead from Colombia's civil war wash ashore. Cheryl Sutherland of Ottawa responded:


I am a long-time listener of your excellent and wide-ranging program.

Every week you feature attention-worthy stories. Tonight's on the remarkable kindness and respect shown by villagers who bury and name the corpses that float by in the river was poignant, even transcendent.  For these villagers to offer decent burials and to care so devoutly for the graves of the unknown victims of violence is incredibly humane and kind. And in praying for the dead and also praying to them as intersessors, the villagers transform the horror of the deaths and casual disposal of their bodies into a caring, deeply spiritual response and recognition of the worth of human beings. I am deeply touched.

Thank you!

Dianne Hurdle had a similar experience:

At first listen, I found this story to be somewhat macabre. I remained incredulous. However, as I listened further, it made a lot of sense that these individuals invested so much into reclaiming lost souls and I saw it for what it is. An act of Humanity. Hurrah for the story.

Hear Nadja's documentary

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