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A not so gay memory

Mary Heaton from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia heard Dennis Porter's dispatch from a gay bar in Uganda, and recalled this incident:

In 1981 I was working in Hawaii with students dealing with substance abuse. One student was doing so well in reducing her drug usage and getting wonderful grades too. The guidance counselor and I decided to take her to Pizza Hut for lunch.

Back in 1981 this was a huge deal: leaving school and having free pizza and being picked from so many students. Walking from the car we were all laughing and discussing what to order when all of a sudden a car load of girls screeched around the corner screaming obscenities about her being gay.

All of us were shocked at the words they used. I ordered the pizza in silence feeling nauseated. The student, whose name I have long forgotten, sat with her head down, tears streaming from her eyes and puddling on the table in front of us.

The guidance counselor and I sat there and cried too, our hearts broken in pieces. What was supposed to be a celebratory lunch turned into a silent painful experience. I never forgot the puddle of tears on the table and how silently the student wept. And how I still weep over the meanness and ugliness in our world.

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