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Listeners respond to Larry Joe

Corinne Smith's documentary on the March 17 program about Larry Joe brought a number of letters. Larry is a South African singer/songwriter released from prison at the same time as his record album.  Aron Turest-Swartz, his producer, is a member of the popular band Freshly Ground. 

Read and hear more about Larry Joe and his CD at http://www.larryjoelive.com



I was listening to your show last night and was fascinated by the piece about Larry Joe, the musician from South Africa.

The music is wonderful, and so was the story. Please pass along my best regards and encouragement to Larry and everyone in South Africa who is helping him turn his life around. He is an inspiration.

All the best

Lorraine Standing, Igloolik, Nunavut


I am a granny who listens to CBC a lot.  Besides the sounds of nature; silence; music I listen to; CBC is the backdrop of my life (esp in the winter) and has been for a number of years.  I miss from time to time, when I travel, but I have no trouble catching up.  I am making a point to comment on my favorites, at least once...why not?
I truly do think of Dispatches as a dispatch....love the music and sounds as well.
The story about Larry Joe is amazing.  I, for one, would love to buy a cd, (I'm still on dial-up) if there ever is one available on line.  Amazing singer-songwriter and very glad to hear he has good people around him.  Love the style, it is extremely inviting.  This man can sing. 
I kept thinking about K'naan.  I kept thinking that K'naan would be a good person for Larry Joe to meet (if they haven't already) and vice versa. 
I love all music, but music that opens up a person's spirit I invite in to my life. 
Thank you for entertaining and informing me so often.
Cathy Daigle, Miramichi, NB




Listening to CBC Radio in the car this afternoon, I heard the segment about Larry Joe.

I am an ex-South African living in Toronto (since 1977), and what caught my attention, is that Aron Turest-Swartz's father, John, is my first cousin.

I have fond memories of John, but never had the opportunity to meet Aron, so this was quite exciting!

Please tell Aron he came across really well, we loved the story & the family in Toronto all wish him, Larry Joe & Freshly Ground everything of the best for ongoing success.

Linda Judelman, Toronto 



Sheila Allen of Fonthill

What a beautiful voice and a heartwarming story.  I lived in S.A for 4 years and loved the country but wanted to come back to Canada because of the violence.  This story gives hope of people helping one another and living together in harmony.  I would like to know where I could find Larry's CD?


I always love your dispatches, but particularly found this one heartwarming. I hope it works for all of them.

Tracey Mardon

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