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Joie de vivre in BBC's Bush House

Susan Fraser of Coburg, Ontario heard Laura Lynch's essay on the Feb 3 program, and has her own memories of working at the BBC's World Service...  

 I listened with interest to Laura Lynch's essay regarding the BBC's World Service budget cuts.
While I don't have any specific memories of listening to the Service (having been born in Scotland and emigrating to Canada in 1971), her essay brought back fond memories of the two years I spent at Bush House, London.

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Machine Gun Preacher vs. Shoe String Preacher

Matthew Morycinski of North Vancouver, B.C. heard Machine Gun Preacher on the Feb 3/6 program, and wrote...

Dear Mr. MacInnes-Rae,

I was somewhat startled, but very intrigued, to hear the story of the Machine Gun Preacher. He seems to fight a civil war of one, and I am not entirely against him doing it, as there seems to be no better solution. There really should be a prize for the heads of some of those warlords.

But here lies the trouble. If everyone were thinking this way everywhere, the world would be a slaughterhouse. 

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The World Service Lillibullero...the truth here

Peter Boyd of Oakville, Ontario knew the BBC World Service...  

Many years ago in the dark ages before the internet I worked in many places like the Canadian Arctic, Saudi Arabia and Libya. The locations I was in were secluded and the only source of news was via short wave radio.

I still comment that back then when the cold war still ran warm I would listen to the "Voice of America" for their perspective, "Radio Moscow" for their perspective, then I would wait in anticipation for the strains of  Lillibullero and the words "This is London".

I could count on the BBC World Service for the truth.

BBC World Service sold shortwaves in BC

Jack Dubberley, of Dubberley's Electronics in Vancouver, heard Laura Lynch's Feb 3 essay on the recent cutbacks to the BBC's World Service, and writes...

HI Rick, You asked about stories of "how BBC World Service affected you." Our family had a retail electronics store in downtown Vancouver for over 50 years called Dubberley's on Davie. One of our specialty products we sold were shortwave receivers. BBC was always the easiest station to bring in at most times of the day and the best example of sharing the romance of listing to radio.

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God speaks to the Machine Gun Preacher

Jim Robertson of Calgary heard Dennis Porter's dispatch about Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher on our February 3/6 program and had this to say.

A new and zealous Christian with a machine gun! - at least his heart's in the right place with his orphanage work.  As an old and more reflective Christian, I found it was interesting to hear his Biblical rationale for his machine gun tactics.  The Bible is among many books that are written from a religious perspective, ie.  "God did this, God said that...".  Men putting words in God's mouth in order to justify their own actions and motivations is a very old practice indeed.  The scary part is when people like the M G Preacher interpret the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, literally. (continues...)

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