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North/South Sudan -- a site with its own compass


Longtime Dispatches contributor Alexa Dvorson has been editing, from her homebase in Berlin, a website of reports from Sudan and South Sudan called SUDANVOTES.

She picked a couple of pieces by Sudanese women journalists she thought Dispatches audiences would especially appreciate.  They're from a feature Alexa called North or South, the heart has its own compass.

Reem Abbas Shawkat        Ajaa Santino Anyieth


Here what's in the latest issue:

SUDANVOTES weekly wrap-up (* الترجمة العربية في الآسفل)
Issue #45
20 July 2011
From inside Sudan and South Sudan:  

[+] The shadow of Darfur looms over Southern Kordofan

The continuing violence in Southern Kordofan leaves many wondering if a Darfur-like scenario is inevitable. Freelance journalist Zeinab Saleh writes that evidence is mounting for another case at the International Criminal Court in the Hague:

[+] Report card for 9 July

Jubilation: unsurpassed. Preparations: see the management Akim Mugisa takes a sobering look at the coordination of South Sudan's independence day festivities.


[+] Israel to take key position on South Sudan's new foreign policy map

Relations between what was the south of Sudan and the Jewish state have a long history. The announcement that Africa's newest nation will forge formal ties with Israel leaves Khartoum in a quandary. Richan Ochi has this assessment:

[+] South Sudan's independence spurs renewed tributes to SPLM founder

A new statue of the late John Garang, who led the south's freedom struggle during Sudan's civil war, was unveiled during independence celebrations on 9 July. Marvis Birungi has this audio snapshot:

SUDANVOTES is an online publication by MICT, www.mict-international.org, produced in partnership with the German Foreign Office.

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