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Mexico's vigilante mayor

CBC correspondent Keith Boag has been reporting all week on drug-related violence in Mexico. (Photo: CBC)

One of the most dangerous countries in Latin America is also home, oddly enough, to one of its safest neighbourhoods.

With vicious drug gangs ravaging much of the rest of Mexico, you have to wonder what's so special about the city of San Pedro, part of Greater Monterrey.

That's one of the questions CBC correspondent Keith Boag set out to answer in a series of stories he's been filing  about the insecurity in Mexico.

And for San Pedro, the key to peace seems to be the charming rogue in the Mayor's office who plays by own his disturbing rules.  

Keith's dispatch  

To answer some of the questions that story raises, Keith joined Rick for a brief interview. Rick began by asking about the film Keith mentions, all about this mayor. What else does it reveal about him?

Rick's chat with Keith

The March 8 Dispatches program

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