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Plus ça change, in Change Square

Children dance at the main stage in Change Square, Sanaa, Yemen - the primary venue for Yemen's protest movement. Protests continue despite a new president, hand-picked by his predecessor. (Photo: Samuel Aranda)

In Yemen, the Arab Spring ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh after 33 years only to see him hand power to his deputy.  

That hasn't moved the country close enough to democracy for some peacefully occupying the streets of the capital, Sanaa, biding their time with some farming and foosball as we hear from Canadian journalist Lindsay Mackenzie.  

Here's one of the scenes she captured from Change Square:

Lindsay's foosball game

And here's her full View From Change Square in Sanaa, where despite the new president, demands for democracy continue.

Lindsay's View from Change Square

Lindsay Mackenzie is a Canadian freelance journalist based in Tunisia.  That was her first piece for Dispatches.
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