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Sudan's Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers - the American pastor who rescues child soldiers in Sudan, but loads up to hunt the rebels who enslaved them.  Photo/ Lionsgate Entertainment

Sudan's pistol-packing preacher

It wasn't so much a bolt-out-of-the-blue, as a baby that turned biker Sam Childers to God.

Against long odds, his ex-stripper girlfriend finally got pregnant, and that was pretty much it.

He gave up the outlaw lifestyle, though not the guns.

He quit peddling the dope that was killing junkies, and took his newly-reformed, God-fearing self to Sudan and commenced killing rebels so he could free child soldiers.

At least, that's his story.

It was enough to persuade Hollywood to make a soon-to-be-released film with actor Gerard Butler playing the man himself.

Canadian journalist Dennis Porter has been to play with him too, and witness the biblical vengeance of the Machine Gun Preacher.

Listen to Dennis's dispatch now

The August 18 Dispatches program

Machine Gun Preacher: The Poster. Gerard Butler as Sam Childers in the motion picture that will debut at The Toronto Film Festival in September

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