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Remembering Andrew Princz

Andrew, at Machu Picchu.

Andrew Princz, a longtime contributor to Dispatches, died of a heart attack in Quito, Ecuador on June 24.

He was 40, and at the peak of a career as, what he called, a cultural navagator. 

Based in Montreal, Andrew toured the world to help others create their own adventures, and along the way filled a website with colourful stories and pictures of some of the most amazing spots on the planet.

More info about Andrew, his work and his memorial are on his facebook page

So is Andrew's biography       

His many stories are on his website: www.ontheglobe.com/

Andrew on Dispatches:

Andrew visited the breweries of The Czech Republic back before it was a popular tourist trek. He found tradition (exemplified in a splendid performance of The Hymn Of The Hops), a growing post-Communist micro-brewing industry -- and a battle between that new republic and the North American beer barons of who stole the name Budweiser.

  Andrew went to Peru to trace the origins of thousands of artifacts from Machu Picchu that are still in the vaults of Yale University. He climbed to the this ancient Inca city and heard the demands -- from right up to the president of Peru -- for their return to their home country for the 100th anniversary of their "discovery."

 Just this past May, we aired Andrew's adventures in a headhunters' longhouse in Borneo 

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