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We certainly learn a lot from our audience about what we put on Dispatches. Because you care about what's happening in spots around the world, and what people are doing about it. And we know a lot of you have been to those places and met those people.

And, from time to time, we'll air some of those comments or post them on our web site or include them in our podcast.

But more than that, we want your own dispatch. Tell us a story about where you've been and what you've seen, especially if it adds to what we've reported. We'll try to get your story to our audiences.

We won't do that unless we know who you are. That's just sound journalistic policy. But if you have a good reason not to have your name on the air or on the website, we will respect your privacy. But we do have to know who you are.

Please note that while we read every email we are sent, unfortunately, due to the huge amount of correspondence we receive, we can't guarantee a personal reply in each case.


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