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Deadly larceny over land in Haiti

A house in the Artibonite Valley in Haiti, destroyed by those claiming the property as their own. Photo/Connie Watson

This land is my land!

In Haiti, people are killing each other over land.

CBC's Connie Watson returned to Haiti this year and discovered a violent standoff that's stifling recovery. Your land or your life!

It's a murderous row over land title, and disaster victims are prey.

It's a country where few can actually produce a deed to their property, and that's a big incentive for others to try and force them off.

There's hope the earthquake that's left more than a million homeless might prompt a reform of the country's chaotic system of land ownership.

But nothing so far. 

Instead, it's anarchy.  And sometimes a violent free-for-all, as we heard last June from Connie.  

 Listen to Connie's documentary

The December 29 Dispatches program

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