Americas: July 2011 Archives

July 28 & 31: from Kwa Dabekaa, South Africa - Vancouver - Haiti - Zimbabwe - Kolkata, India - New York

What's whoonga!? Who is it killing? Photo/Anders Kelto

Heroin's terrible handmaiden. An old drug with a deadly new additive hits the streets of South Africa.

We'll hear from the Canadian who's resurrected some lost music from Haiti, and earned a Grammy nomination for doing it.

Zimbabwe's contribution to the glossary of dictatorship.  It's called Smart Genocide.  Less killing but more torture, and dirty diamonds are the prize.

You learn a lot about a country by its gumshoes. From India, a private eye who busts counterfeiters by day -- and busts out Bollywood dance moves by night.

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July 21 & 24: from Yunnan province, China - Haiti - South Africa - Uljanovsk, Russia - Palermo, Italy

Spring City Golf & Lake Resort on the island of Hainan: China is becoming a golf mecca for Asia. Photo/Anthony Germain

China's growing affluence is spoiling a lot of good walks, as golf finds new fans among the nouveau riche.

The new documentary fllm that profiles a stubborn Russian journalist who refuses to be a bootlicker for the state that wants him gone. 

A medical student's powerful musical memoir of the cholera wards of Haiti.

From South Africa, the director of a new film about moral choices and mob violence against foreigners

And, anti-Mafia tourism comes to the Corleone countryside of Sicily. 

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July 14 & 17: from Comitan, Mexico - Paris - New York - China

Cataphile "Riff" heads underground in the Paris catacombs (photo/Don Duncan)

The misplaced love of Marvin Pinto. A story of obsession with the culture of the cockfight

Stove Camp; the "hippie Manhattan Project" hoping to save millions of lives through cleaner cooking.

As China goes, so goes the world, according to an author who says Chinese consumers are transforming...everything.

And, conflict in the catacombs.  Hard-core crypt crawlers, take exception to the teen tomb tourists partying in their playground under Paris.

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