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Grand Forks, ND: misinformation on the menu

A U.S. Predator-B unmanned drone like the one now deployed by the Americans to look across the Canadian border. Photo/Reuters

The U.S. is stepping up its unmanned air patrols along the Canadian border.

It's flying the same Predator plane that's firing rockets at Taliban strongholds in Pakistan's mountains.

It has cameras that can look into windows 60 kilometres away.

The Canadian flights are to some extent the product of fear and pork barrel politics.

CBC Security Correspondent Bill Gillespie visited Grand Forks Air Force base in North Dakota, where the patrols are based.  He found great, but misinformed, support there for keeping a closer watch over what was once the world's longest undefended border. 

Bill's visit to Grand Fork's North Side Diner

Listen to Bill's full dispatch

Go to the March 31 Dispatches program page

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