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Falkland Islands...music of the long march

That song: Iain Main of Ottawa has his nomination for a song that he associates with a particular place and event:

Dire Straits Brothers In Arms and the Falklands War.

It was produced by Knopfler during the aftermath of that war.  There had been the long trek by the British soldiers to the opposite side of the island in order to surprise the Argentinian troops.

I knew a young soldier who did that long march across the Falklands and when he returned he told me of the "....misty mountains...." they trekked through with hearts in mouths, not knowing what lay in store for them.  The eventual contact with the Argentinian troops led to friends of his being killed and badly wounded. Sadly I don't really know why, or about whom, Knopfler wrote that song.  But really this tune gives me goose bumps whenever I hear of the death of one more young woman or man in any conflict.

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