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Motels of the Okanagan


Our series on the Motels of the Okanagan launched today.  We'll have items airing through the week on Daybreak.

There's also a series website, where you can see all sorts of photos and memorabilia, hear all the interviews, and find links to all the featured motels.

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More Than One Way Home, Part 10: Rejoicin' it!

Kenny Wayne was eight years old when he started playing the piano in his father's church in San Francisco.

          Today he's an international touring and recording artist, garnering awards and accolades like this one in The Chicago Sun-Times:

          "There is no boogie-woogie artist out there today who can pound the keys with the conviction of Kenny Wayne."

          For Kenny, that conviction grew out of a belief that music and the church have always meant the same thing: Rejoicing.

          Daybreak's Madonna Hamel recently visited Kenny Wayne in his new home in Kelowna.

Picture 006.jpg
Boogie-Woogie great Kenny Wayne credits his childhood in the church for his "Rejoicing It!" approach to life and music.