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Our Show: November 2012 Archives

Quebec's blood agency says supply is safe

blood.jpgHalf of Quebec's blood supply is being checked after problems were found with two blood bags used to collect and store donated blood. Dr. Marc Germain from Héma-Québec says things should return to normal later today.

(Photo: CBC)

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Police investigating police


Bill 12 was tabled in the National Assembly on Thursday by the PQ government. It would change the way investigations are handled where people are seriously injured or killed at the hands of a police officer. Julie Matson's father was beaten and killed while, police say, he was resisting arrest in Vancouver. She feels the bill doesn't go far enough. But Denis Cote, the president of the Quebec Municipal Police Federation, is worried about civilians overseeing the investigations.

(Photo: Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

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Tracking Magnotta

Luka Magnotta is accused of murdering Concordia student Jun Lin. He's currently in a jail cell in Montreal. He's pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. CBC and Radio-Canada have been looking into the story of a group of online activists who were monitoring him on the web long before Jun Lin's murder. They even warned police about him. Madeleine Roy traveled to the United States to meet the group that was tracking Magnotta. She is a journalist for Radio-Canada's investigative program Enquete.

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