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The case of Eddy Brandone

The year is 2009, and it is the day after Radio-Canada's investigative program Enquete
presented the piece of reporting that kicked off years of intense scrutiny -- and now an independent commission on corruption in Quebec's construction industry. An SQ team has put a tail on Eddy Brandone, who used to work for the FTQ-Construction union. He's a long-time Liberal party supporter, he worked alongside Tony Tomassi, the former Liberal MNA now facing fraud charges. Mr Brandone is a self-described friend of Johny Bertolo, mafioso murdered in 2005. He also says he knows Raynald Desjardins, another well-known Montreal mafioso accused of murder. The day's surveillance of Mr Brandone takes an unexpected turn... one that has now become a campaign issue after it was first broadcast last night

To finish the story -- and to answer points raised by the Premier himself, we spoke to Enquete's Marie-Maude Denis.

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