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Voters weigh in on France's presidential election

freench men.jpgIt's the final day of campaigning in France for the presidential election - first round voting takes place on Sunday. This year, the number of registered French voters stands at 44,000 - that's up from 30,000 five years ago. We met two of them. Mathieu Marienbach is a 24-year old student in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University and has lived in Montreal about five years. He supports The Socialist Party candidate Franรงois Hollande. Stephane Minson has lived in Montreal for 12 years and is a lawyer. He's supporting French president Nicolas Sarkozy of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire.

(Photo: left to right: Mathieu Marienbach, Stephane Minson, and his son Lucas. Credit: Sophie Tremblay/CBC)

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