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Our Show: February 2012 Archives

Liberal and Conservative MPs on election call fraud

Two high-profile West Island Liberals say phone calls were being made into their ridings in the lead up to last May's election, tyring to trick people into going to the wrong place to vote. No polling stations changed location in Quebec in 2011. Lac St Louis MP Francis Scarpaleggia says his campaign manager reported the incidents to Elections Canada, Former Pierrefonds Dollard MP Bernard Patry says he didn't at the time because he learned about it only on voting day. Stephen Harper's parliamentary secretary and MP for Peterborough Dean del Mastro told us he has no reason not to believe the stories, says the Conservatives did not make the calls, and whoever did should be ashamed.

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Election phone fraud

The former head of Elections Canada, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, told Daybreak he's very concerned about the fraudulent calls allegations.
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Winter weather returns to Montreal

Three audio postcards about the weekend snow storm and winter's return to the city.
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