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Jean-Martin Aussant and Marlene Jennings reflect on free voting

Bill 204 has passed the National Assembly. It renders impermeable to court challenge the contract struck between Quebec City Mayor Regis Lebaume and Quebecor Inc's Pierre-Karl Peladeau to build the city's new amphitheatre, the "Arena of Dreams," to entice the Nordiques NHL team back.

The vote was a first: Pauline Marois' Parti Quebecois MNAs were given the right to vote freely -- and 14 voted against it. When she tried to whip the vote and force party unity in June, it led to a split in her caucus, with key members quitting the PQ because they felt stifled. Now Pauline Marois has turned over a new leaf, she says, MNAs should at times be allowed to vote their conscience. MNA Jean-Martin Aussant and former MP Marlene Jennings give their views on the importance of free voting. 

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