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Two Montealer speak out about racial profiling at popular pub, St-Sulpice

tristanIMG-20110827-00554.jpgTristan D. Lalla is a Montreal actor.  His latest film is called "Happy Slapping". It was part of this year's Montreal Film Festival. He went to the final screening of the film on Wednesday and afterwards, he planned to go for a drink to celebrate with friends.  Including the Montreal artist Andrew Farrar, aka Annakin Slayd. Slayd - who is white - was already inside the pub, the St-Sulpice. But Tristan D. Lalla - who is black - says bouncers refused to let him and his friends in. On the grounds they didn't meet the dress code.

Lalla dressed as he was the night he was refused entry into the pub (photo: Dimitri Katadotis/CBC)

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