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Our Show: June 2011 Archives

Making the HMCS Montreal ship shape for Will and Kate

hmcs montreal.jpgThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, arrive in Canada later today, in Ottawa. They'll make their way to Montreal on Saturday. And then on to Quebec City -- down the St-Lawrence onboard a Canadian Forces vessel, the patrol frigate HMCS Montreal. Commander Riel Brisson is the ship's captain.

The ship that will carry the Royals to Quebec City (photo: Canadian Forces)  

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Canada to go ahead with Zamboni trials

We talk to people on both sides of the divide on this issue: an MS patient who received the controversial treatment and a doctor who underlines the dubiousness of the science.
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Stop... in the name of pedestrians


Pedestrian 4-way stop Montrealers cross the road in all directions as traffic comes to a complete stop at one of the City's protected pedestrian crosswalks.  One Daybreak listener wonders if more of these are on the way.

Corner of McGill and St Jacques in Montreal's financial district.(Photo:Monique Lacombe, CBC Montreal)


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