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Trouble in North Africa

Protest in the Arab World continued throughout the weekend, with the most intense, the bloodiest being in the tiny Gulf state of Bahrain. And in Libya where it's difficult to know exactly how many people were shot and killed by Libyan armed forces and police, but it is in the hundreds. The killing of peaceful protesters seems, for now, to be fuelling and not stopping the protest. In neighbouring Algeria, there were protests as well this weekend, as last. They were neither big enough nor determined enough to withstand the hundreds of police in Algiers who beat them until they fled. Djamel Khellef is an Algerian-Montrealer. He left Algeria over thirty years ago. He's been active in the local protests here in Montreal. Ouassima Touahria is a young Algerian-Montreal. She is a student at UQAM. She came to Canada only two years ago.

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