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Daybreak's Pothole Contest

Egdehill pothole.jpgWe're looking for the deepest and darkest potholes in the city. (This one is on EdgeHill Road in Westmount.)

We have three categories...and we'll give away one prize for each category.

We're looking for:

a) the deepest and darkest pothole

b) Montreal's most deceptive pothole (you know, the kind that look like a puddle but end up jolting you and your car in a most unexpected way)

c) and the worst series of potholes (two or more in a row that send you weaving and dodging through traffic to avoid them)

So be on the lookout, snap a picture, and email it to us at

Let us know where this pothole is situated.

You have until noon on Thursday Feb. 17 to get your entries in.

The winners will each receive a CBC bag with goodies inside.prize pak.jpg