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Reflecting on Wikileaks

584-assange-cp.jpgWikileaks founder Julian Assange is being held in custody in London while his lawyers fight his extradition to Sweden. In the States, the Attorney General says he is scouring the lawbooks to find charges that will apply to him in US courts for leaking more than 200,000 US diplomatic cables. A Swiss bank shut down his account. MasterCard, VISA and Paypal have cut off payments to Wikileaks. And then there's the fightback. Almost 800 self-styled "internet freedom fighters" and HACKtivists who are making sure Wikileaks stays online, and that the leaked documents continue to be available for all to access. Montrealer Nadim Kobeissi is one of them. He's hosting a mirror of the Wikileaks site on his own web site. 

(Photo: Julian Assange -- Martial Trezzini/Keystone/AP)

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