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Our Show: September 2010 Archives

Police chief responds to Montreal North report

Another report on relations between police and minority groups has concluded that some police officers routinely used racial slurs when dealing with young people in Montreal North. Daybreak's new host Mike Finnerty spoke to new police chief Marc Parent about the report. And we also heard from Will Prosper, a former RCMP police officer and a member of the group Montreal Nord Republik, formed by residents after the Montreal North riots.  

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Penguins take flight

marchofthepenguins_title.jpgThe Montreal Biodôme is about to ship some of its penguins to China. Daybreak spoke to Serge Pépin, the animal curator at the Biodôme.

photo: Jerome Maison


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What's happening on Route 207? Over the last few weeks many of you have been calling me with reports of unusual delays and questions about Kahnawake Peacekeepers controlling traffic. Find out what's really going on, this week on Street Whys

(Photo: CBC)

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