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Bastarache set to begin

A much-awaited public inquiry to probe allegations of Liberal Party influence peddling in the naming of judges gets underway tomorrow.

The Bastarache commission has already had a rocky ride and it hasn't even begun yet.

The premier ordered the inquiry after his former justice minister, Marc Bellemare, alleged judges are sometimes selected based on the whims of influential Liberal Party donors with deep pockets.

Bellemare will testify tomorrow, but until last week, vowed to do everything he could to dodge the commission.

Meanwhile many critics are already suggesting the Bastarache Commission will do little to resolve much of anything.

We spoke to V

We also spoke to Véronique Hivon. She's the PQ's official opposition critic for Justice.

Joining me on the line now is Benoît Pelletier.

He's a former Liberal minister in the Charest government, who now teaches law at Ottawa University.

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