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The Promised Land

passport_Promised.jpgTake a ride on the subway... or just walk down any street in this city ... and you could find yourself beside a former South American guerrilla fighter or someone who escaped war-torn Bosnia in the back of a UN truck.

This city, and this country, are filled with people who escaped their homelands to get here.

A new show on CBC Radio brings you the stories of people who had to risk everything to become Canadian. 

It's called Promised Land, and it starts today on CBC Radio One and Sirius 137.

(If you are one of the many Montrealers with a similar story, producers of Promised Land want to hear from you.  Find out how to reach the show's creators here.)

photo: Alino and Eva Baranik left Communist Czechoslovakia in 1981 with their four-year old son Miso. Listen to their story here. (photo courtesy Mark Ulster)


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