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About the Host

Thumbnail image for mike_finnerty.jpgMike returned to Daybreak for his second incarnation as host in October 2010, after 18 months working for the Guardian's website. In his own words: "Working at opened my eyes to the future of media, at one of the world's most respected information websites."

"I started in Quebec City. From the CBC bureau, I visited every region of the province and met all kinds of Quebecers. As a reporter in the Montreal newsroom, I grew a passion for local reporting, and a passion for Montreal. I was born in Saskatchewan, grew up in Southwestern Ontario, and worked most of my professional life in London at the BBC, but it's with Montreal that I identify: its mix of French and English, its diversity, and respect for homegrown culture and creativity."

"At the World Service of the BBC I was pushed the hardest. Like a mini United Nations, the journalists there taught me what it really meant to see things from all sides. I covered the big moments in Europe through the first decade of the new century. I was in the US for every George W. Bush-era election, and spent two months in New York and Washington in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks. I edited the award-winning program Newshour for five years."

"I'm thrilled now to be back delivering the morning's first news to Montrealers. I'm excited by the challenge of live, on-air and online journalism as we move further into the 21st Century. And I believe passionately in the importance of strong, local public broadcasting."