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Daybreak has a new host


Popular CBC Radio host Mike Finnerty will return to Montreal as host of CBC Montreal's award-winning morning program Daybreak this fall. Finnerty, has for the past year worked in London, UK at the Guardian newspaper's online service as multi-media news editor.


"I miss broadcasting," Finnerty says. "The first-hand contact with the news, the thrill of live journalism, the challenge of informing and entertaining people first thing each morning. As exciting as it is working at, it's not the same as the daily contact with listeners. Nothing compares to the moment the light goes red and the microphone live in studio.

And I miss Montreal, its heart, its soul. Believe me, when you leave it for a while, that's when you realize what a singular place it is and how much it has to offer. Hosting Daybreak is a great privilege. I can't wait to return and be a part of it all once again." 


"We are thrilled to have Mike back in the hosting chair at Daybreak," says Pia Marquard, Managing Director for CBC Quebec. "We have a great team in place and we're all looking forward to bringing Montreal its most informative, dynamic morning show with Mike at the lead."


Finnerty returns to CBC Radio One on August the 9th when he fills in as guest host for two weeks for Anna-Maria Tremonti on The Current. He'll be back in Montreal in the fall to begin his duties at Daybreak.


(photo: William Landry)

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