CBC Creative Relief Fund

What is the Innovation Stream?

The CBC Creative Relief Fund's Innovation Stream is open to Canadian content creators to submit short pitches to CBC for scripted, unscripted, kids & tweens, youth & young adult, and podcast projects to be considered for multiple development and production opportunities.

Submissions do not need to be about the Spring 2020 quarantine but the requirements of physical  distancing must be respected in the making of the work. CBC is looking to develop original content that takes creative risks, is innovative, has the power to be transformative, and/or uses innovative technology to create that content.

What types of projects are we looking for?

We are looking for projects with a compelling POV and unique voice.  Projects that can be broadcast or streamed across linear and digital platforms are welcomed, and specific creative briefs can be found below.  CBC is committed to reflecting diverse, contemporary Canada in urban as well as rural settings. The material must be able to be produced in Canada as CanCon as laid out by the CRTC.

This is a designated fund to foster fresh, innovative ideas, so think big, bold and creative! The CBC Creative Relief Fund covers many different types of content from across the network through the following Innovation Streams:


ScriptedFind out more / submit your application

Genres: Comedy, Drama
Key Platforms: Gem, TV, cbc.ca, social
Audience: viewers aged 25-54 and their families

UnscriptedFind out more / submit your application

Genres: Factual, Entertainment
Key Platforms: Gem, TV, cbc.ca, social
Audience: viewers aged 25-54 and their families

Kids & TweensFind out more / submit your application

Key Platforms: Gem, TV, cbc.ca, social
Audience: viewers aged 2-13 and their caregivers

Youth & Young AdultFind out more / submit your application

Key Platforms: Gem, cbc.ca, social
Audience: viewers aged 13-24

PodcastsFind out more / submit your application

Genres: Investigative, Documentary, Fiction, Comedy, History, Health and Science, Talk
Key Platforms: cbc.ca/podcasts and all major podcast distributors
Audience: kids, tweens, youth, adult

Who can apply?

Any Canadian creator can apply as long they are not an employee of CBC. We are keen to work with both established and emerging producers and production companies. Applicants must have one produced television, audio or digital credit or be partnered with an experienced existing production company. There is a limit of three projects per applicant. All projects must comply with CBC’s Code of Conduct, including those provisions related to conflict of interest.

How much funding is available?

If your project is chosen, CBC will support the costs of developing your pitch - this will vary greatly depending on the scope and genre of the idea, and what is required to move it forward. If you have an idea for a piece of video content (be it scripted, unscripted or kids & youth), that support will happen through the negotiation of a development agreement.  If you have an idea for a podcast, that support will happen through the negotiation of a CBC CMG freelancer agreement.

How to Apply and When

Follow the links above to learn more about each Innovation Stream, and which one(s) you’d like to apply for.

In order to submit your application, you’ll need:

  • Creative summary of your project, maximum 1 page
  • The parameters of what your development period would cover, how long it will take to prepare and how much you expect it to cost
  • Your CV including past work/credits and relevant CV’s of your Creative Team

The submission period is now closed.

What happens if my project is selected?

For successful projects, CBC will fund the next step in your creative process - depending on the genre and platform this may involve writing, research, casting, creating a more detailed proposal, recording demos, etc. In some cases, if your idea is already fully fleshed out, we may choose to move straight to production. When that development period is complete, CBC will consider whether or not it wishes to support a further phase of development or production. 

If you are pitching video content, you will be offered the opportunity to enter into an agreement with CBC which provides CBC with an exclusive option to license one or more programs based on the material and/or enter into further development. For more information about CBC's standard development terms, please see the CBC Business & Rights Television Development page.

If you are pitching audio content, the expectation is that CBC will pay the costs of production and be the producer of that audio content/podcast and you will be asked to enter into an agreement with CBC as a CMG freelancer.