Creative BC / CBC Digital Production Fund

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Creative BC / CBC Digital Production Fund

As of June 25, 2018, CBC and Creative BC, the province’s creative industry catalyst supporting film and television, publishing, music, interactive and digital media industries are piloting a micro-budget production fund to support the creation of video content from BC producers and creators to be showcased in connection with CBC’s digital platforms. 

Our commitment is to fund new productions that reflect, represent and reframe diverse perspectives from BC creative teams, showcasing new creative visions and furthering the careers of emerging writers, producers, and directors as they move towards the production of longer form content. Preference will be given to projects from women, Indigenous persons, visible minorities and persons with a disability to get their unique voices heard, but creators who do not fall into any of these groups may also apply for funding.  It is our hope that at least 50% of successful projects will come from female creators.

What type of content is CBC looking for?

CBC has a preference for short form video content that would fit primarily into the feed verticals of  CBCShort Docs, CBCComedy, CBCKids, and CBCArts. More information on the kinds of content CBC is seeking is available at: Industry standard insurance and title clearance are expected to be included in budgeted line items. We are expecting to see a lot of low budget short form projects but we will consider projects of any duration that meet the criteria.

Are there any excluded genres?

Funding is limited to genres that would qualify for BC domestic tax credits, ie, no talk shows, news, live sports events, game shows and advertising. For the full list of excluded genres: British Columbia Film and Television Tax Credit, Page 5.

How and when can I apply?

In order to be considered for funding, you must complete an application form.

Applications will be accepted starting on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. Funding will be awarded on a first come/first served basis to selected projects. The doors will close for new applications on October 15, 2018 or sooner if all of the funds in the program budget have been committed before that date. Projects should be completed and all funds disbursed by no later than Creative BC’s fiscal year end of March 31, 2019.

How are decisions made?

CBC will assess the project’s suitability for CBC’s audiences and greenlight projects on a rolling basis. You will be notified within 6 weeks of submission if your project is chosen or not; if chosen, you will be notified by CBC and a contract will be sent to you.

How much funding is available?

CBC and Creative BC have each committed $150,000 for a total program budget of $300,000 in the 2018/2019 fiscal year, ending on March 31, 2019.

How much can I get?

On a per project basis, CBC and Creative BC will cover the costs of funding (net of any other available financing such as BC and federal tax credits) on a 50/50 basis. There is a per project minimum budget of $15,000 and a maximum contribution of $50,000*, combined, from Creative BC and CBC.  CBC will pay out the amounts to selected projects in the form of a Licence Fee, including a license fee top-up funded by Creative BC.

*Projects with financial requests outside of these parameters may be considered in exceptional cases, subject to the availability of funding.


Budget: $60,000
BC and Federal Tax Credits: $10,000
Unfunded portion to be covered by CBC and Creative BC: $50,000
CBC License Fiee: $25,000
Creative BC Licence Fee Top-Up: $25,000

What rights will CBC have once the content comes to CBC?

CBC will have the exclusive right to show the content to Canadian audiences in connection with any platform of CBC’s choice, for a 6 year period following delivery to CBC.  CBC can sublicense rights to other non-CBC platforms in Canada to attract more audiences in CBC’s discretion.

Do CBC and Creative BC get a credit?

Yes. Both CBC and Creative BC will get a prominent credit in the completed program and in all press and publicity.

Does CBC get any international rights?

Yes. CBC will have the non-exclusive right to offer the content to audiences outside of Canada on CBC branded platforms, such as  In addition, CBC will have exclusive worldwide rights to the content on the YouTube platform for the duration of the term.  This means that the producer will retain the right to exploit the content non-exclusively on other platforms outside of Canada following CBC’s world premiere. Third party financing that does not detract from the rights contemplated above, is acceptable.

Who is eligible to apply?

Since this fund is intended for BC talent, the applicant must live in BC and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and be an Eligible BC Company. Preference will be given to projects from women, Indigenous persons, visible minorities and persons with a disability to get their unique voices heard, but creators who do not fall into any of these groups may also apply for funding.  It is our hope that at least 50% of projects will come from female creators.

What makes an Eligible BC Company?

  • The company must have been incorporated in British Columbia or Canada with its head office in British Columbia
  • A majority of the issued common voting shares must be held by BC residents (Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents who have resided in BC for at least 200 of the 365 days preceding the date of application and who have filed income tax returns in BC in the taxation year prior to the date of application);
  • The applicant company may own 10% or less of the shares of a broadcaster and may have 10% or less of its shares owned by a broadcaster or by a distributor;
  • The principals, directors, officers and shareholders of the applicant company are in good standing (i.e. not in default) with Creative BC or with CBC; and
  • 100% of the copyright of the project being developed must be owned, optioned, or controlled by the applicant.

Exceptions may be granted for inter-provincial or international treaty co-productions. In these cases, the BC applicant must retain at least 50% of the copyright interest and demonstrate that the copyright ownership is equal to the BC applicant’s financial, technical and creative contribution and control as specified in the co-production agreement entered into between the parties.

Is there anything else expected?

In order to understand the experience from the producers’ perspective, and to keep improving its programs, Creative BC will ask participants to complete a confidential exit survey at the end of the process.