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  • Season 1 | Can You Hear Me?

    Can You Hear Me?

    Season 1 | 112
    While Don struggles to find raccoon harmony, Dad, Manny, and Brian turn the tables on the Everlys. Taylor and Vern sheepishly pay Cynthia a visit in hope of striking a deal.
  • Season 1 | He’s Bending Again

    He’s Bending Again

    Season 1 | 111
    As one door closes for Mom and her cereal, a new one opens when Shellers makes a surprising online discovery. Dad and Manny arrange an exchange with Dallas and the Everlys.
  • Season 1 | Manny’s Way

    Manny’s Way

    Season 1 | 110
    Now a fugitive on the run, Manny turns to Owen for help but insists on doing it his way. In Mom's cereal world, Taylor makes a difficult decision.
  • Season 1 | I Can’t Go To U2 Without You

    I Can’t Go To U2 Without You

    Season 1 | 109
    Mom's cereal hitting the shelves proves too much excitement for Shellers which means Bryce's romantic getaway plans may be shelved too.
  • Season 1 | The Quiet One

    The Quiet One

    Season 1 | 108
    Don considers therapy as Rita proposes a theory that raccoons are communicating on new levels. Meanwhile Mom, ready for the release of her new cereal, is concerned about Dad.
  • Season 1 | Please for Fish

    Please for Fish

    Season 1 | 107
    Mom makes a distressing discovery and Don begins to worry about his mental stability. The Everly brothers seek retribution, causing family turmoil.
  • Season 1 | Who’s That Girl

    Who’s That Girl

    Season 1 | 106
    While Mom celebrates a cereal victory, Wendy receives a text message that turns her world upside down. Don's move to Rita's disrupts life at home.
  • Season 1 | Rukma Vimana

    Rukma Vimana

    Season 1 | 105
    Don moves out, Owen is determined to spend a night at his cabin much to Cynthia's dismay. And it's finally cereal pitch day, pitting Cynthia against rival Veronica.
  • Season 1 | Someone Is Looking Out For You

    Someone Is Looking Out For You

    Season 1 | 104
    Concerned with Brian's recent behaviour, Cynthia and Owen implement a plan. Don meets an intriguing scientist who changes his opinion about raccoons.
  • Season 1 | Manny’s Oath of Secrecy

    Manny’s Oath of Secrecy

    Season 1 | 103
    Dad continues to dream of his cabin while Brian helps launch Don's raccoon removal business. Manny, a wreck since the attack, confesses to Wendy.
  • Season 1 | This Will Not Stand

    This Will Not Stand

    Season 1 | 102
    Don discovers he's jeopardized the lives of the raccoons by releasing them into the wild. Dad's obsession with building a cabin in the woods consumes the entire family.
  • Season 1 | I’m Not Crazy, I Love You

    I’m Not Crazy, I Love You

    Season 1 | 101
    Prodigal son Don returns home, finding himself in the midst of "the mystery of the ransacked kitchen." As he readjusts to living with his family, he discovers a rare gift.
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