• Dr. Jenny Cooper

    Dr. Jenny Cooper

    characters | Dec 18, 2018
    Jenny is a woman of action. She’s driven by an intense search for the truth – others and her own. Jenny speaks for the dead – people with no voice.
  • Detective Donovan “Mac” McAvoy

    Detective Donovan “Mac” McAvoy

    characters | Dec 18, 2018
    ‘Mac’ has been around the block. A twenty-five-year veteran of the police force, he approaches each case with a healthy dose of skepticism and realism.
  • Liam Bouchard

    Liam Bouchard

    characters | Dec 18, 2018
    Liam is the soulful army vet who makes his living fixing things. This season, he’s moved out of his treehouse and into Jenny’s house, which means a new stage in their relationship.
  • Ross Kalighi

    Ross Kalighi

    characters | Dec 18, 2018
    Jenny’s son Ross has come to terms with his father’s death, and as he turns 18, he’s moving on to the next stage in his life… or is he?
  • Alison Trent

    Alison Trent

    characters | Sep 18, 2019
    Alison, Jenny’s down-to-earth, wry, Coroner’s Officer is back from maternity leave this season, and still at the top of her game professionally while solo-parenting a newborn.