Frequently Asked Questions

Why are comments not allowed on certain news stories?

In some situations, we disable commenting on stories. We do so by following certain criteria, such as if the comments may cause harm, or if there is a risk that they may break the law.

For example, we don't enable comments on stories about kidnapping, as we wouldn't want to inadvertently publish something that would assist the abductors.

We disable comments on stories concerning court cases that involve a publication ban, and on stories related to sexual assault, in order to protect the identity of the victim.

And often we don't allow comments on stories related to the death of individuals as we don't want to publish anything that may be hurtful for the family.

The decision to disable comments on a story is made after discussion among the news editorial team at

How do I cancel my CBC Mobile Updates?

To cancel your SMS Mobile subscriptions please go to the News To Go page at News To Go . Click on Mobile News Update via SMS. On that page go to the CBC (Hourly) Mobile News Updates "get it now". At the bottom of the page you should enter your mobile number. You will receive a temporary password that will allow you to go to the edit page where you can unsubscribe.

Having problems commenting on stories?

Having problems commenting on stories?

We need more information.

To help us investigate the problems you are having making comments about our news stories, please include the following information in your email to “contact us”:

What Operating System are you using.
What Browser (including version)
What is your Username
What URL are you referring to (or what article are you commenting on)

CBC Contest results

For all the latest results of our CBC contests please keep checking our Contest page

Can I download Concerts On Demand?

Unfortunately, the majority of Concerts on Demand are available for streaming only. There is, however, a weekly Radio 2 podcast, which consists primarily of concert highlights. For information about this podcast, go to: COD Podcast

If we have not addressed your concerns, please contact us.