About The Host

Olga Milosevich

Olga began life thinking she would become a pianist like her grandmother. But after classes with the Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti, who studied with the celebrated American pianist Rudolf Serkin, Olga changed her mind. Kuerti told her she would have to practice 10 hours a day to gain fame and fortune. The thought of spending that much time alone, in a tiny studio, sweating over a piano, didn't sound like fun.

So, Olga turned to her other passion - broadcasting. She had experienced that world as a student when she worked as a volunteer host for a Serbian radio show in Vancouver. After completing her studies, Olga landed a job as a news reporter, covering everything from royal visits to high-profile court cases.

In 1983, she moved east, and has worked with CBC in Halifax as a television news anchor, current affairs host and music host. She currently produces and hosts the weekly arts show Connections, which she says, "is a great job because I get paid to have fun. The best thing in life is to have a job that you love, because it's not work then, but an extension of enjoying what you do". And after CBC? There are plans to climb Mount Olga in Australia and then perhaps start her own business. Stay tuned.