Yes she can: this female improv team muscles into the competition

This Langley improv team proves that teamwork makes the dream work at the Canadian Improv Games.
R.E. Mountain gets rugged with the competition in the 2019 Canadian Improv Games Series. (Chanel Klein/CBC)

It's been a long journey for these Langley teens – after winning regional improv competitions, they qualified for the national Canadian Improv Games (CIG) in Ottawa. It's their first time competing at nationals and a whole documentary camera crew along with Kim's Convenience star Andrew Phung will be there to capture the whole thing. No pressure, right?

Their improv team hails from R.E. Mountain Secondary School in Langley, B.C. It's the only all-female improv team competing at nationals.

Twin sisters Chantel and Jessica have performed together for four years. But the entire team feels like a group of sisters because of how close they've become during that time. 

But it wasn't always a ladies-only team. When some of the performers were on co-ed teams, they felt like they always played support characters to male improvisers who would take the lead parts. That's what inspired the performers to team up and support each other as comedic female performers instead of being brushed off to the sidelines.

"We learned that we can be silly and use our bodies and make physical comedy," says Chantel.

"We can do this, we don't need [those] boys," laughs Emily.

After learning that they could rely on each other to make great improv, the team gained confidence. Their advice to the next generation of girls? "Don't worry [about] what the audience thinks of you. Be yourself," says Chantel.

R.E. Mountain's specialty is performing Greek tragedies. They can take any audience prompt and whip it up into a classic dramatic tragedy with 15 seconds of preparation. During their night of competition at CIG, the team received this audience prompt: Plumbers.

Plumbers? How would that work into a Greek tragedy? Watch it all unfold on stage during the 2019 Canadian Improv Games streaming now on CBC Gem.