What's your favourite sketch from Baroness von Sketch Show?

We asked musicians, actors and comedians for their favourite clip from Baroness von Sketch Show.

Now in its fourth hilarious season, Baroness von Sketch Show has garnered a ton of attention both in Canada and internationally. The show's cast, Carolyn Taylor, Jennifer Whalen, Meredith MacNeill and Aurora Browne are masters of their craft – and every fan has their favourite sketch.

For this list of favourites, we spoke with stars who appeared on the show, fellow comedic admirers and musicians about their favourite moments from the series.

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These transcripts have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Sarah Harmer, musician

"I love practically all of the Baroness sketches. 'Red Wine Ladies', 'After This?', 'Locker Room', 'The Cottage'. I can relate to way too much of that shit!

"My top favourite is the dance floor one. It's perfect. So uncomfortable. Hilarious. The birthing screams. Oh my god. Carolyn Taylor is a master of meltdown."

Talk about signature dance moves... 3:07
The Baronesses are a troupe of comedy super heroes.- Kid Koala

Kid Koala, DJ/producer

"One sketch that had me in stitches recently was one where Meredith MacNeill is in a restaurant alone and starts eating all the abandoned food off of other tables. The timing and expressions are incredible."

"The Baronesses are a troupe of comedy super heroes. Each of them has their own style and is already insanely funny, but when they work together it's like laugh-making dynamite. No one is safe. Such razor-sharp writing, acting, directing, editing, music... it's all done on such a high level. It's truly inspiring to see."

Sometimes you want a guy to offer to buy you some fries instead of a drink. And sometimes you just steal some. 2:23

Jessica Holmes, actor

"[My favourite Baroness sketch is] when the character discovers there's a special change room for women over 40."

"[Their sketches] put a voice to exactly what I was feeling."

"I think it's really wonderful to have a show where women can see themselves without feeling mocked… Every sketch they show, you can be like, 'I have been there.'"

Welcome to your 40s, a magical place where you're suddenly okay with strutting around naked in your gym's change room for as long as it takes to pluck out each individual armpit hair in front of 12 full-length mirrors. 2:24

Colin Mochrie, comedian

"I did like the apocalypse one where women have taken over the world but they kinda miss [men]. A couple of [the characters] had men hidden in a cave somewhere. There was sort of a rift between the warrior woman and the others that miss men." 

"I love it. Just the weird character stuff... There was one with Aurora Browne being harassed by a LinkedIn request, I thought, 'Yeah, that's great,' because I get LinkedIn requests all the time... I've never been apart of that. How did they get my name? That one really spoke to me.

"I love their commitment to the characters and the scene. They're great."

Lea DeLaria, actor 

"Bar none — 'Dry Shampoo'. It's the fucking funniest sketch I've ever seen in my entire life! It's just hilarious, everything about them… they're surreal, they're insane.. it's all so present in that particular sketch. ...You can't stop laughing at it. The bigger her hair gets… it's fucking amazing. I always thought it was really weird when women would say, "I don't wash my hair, I use dry shampoo." [There are] women out there like that, they exist."

"[The best thing about working with the Baronesses?] They never say what's written [in the script]. You never know what they're going to say to you. You better be on your toes and ready to play… I was laughing so hard."

"They're so much fun, it's such a great, fabulous set to work on… Everybody's really friendly and nice. I love working in Canada. Everybody's nice!"

Scott Thompson, comedian

"'Red Wine Ladies'. And ['Moms Say Hello'], that is my mother to a tee. My mother was infamous for her hello. It was always, 'Hellooooo!' I've watched that [sketch] over and over again because it's such a precise takedown of a certain kind of woman. 

"I think they're hilarious. Hilarious. I love the way they go for it. They really dive into it in a very, very visceral manner, and I find that very enjoyable. And I think it's a fascinating way of doing comedy, because they go in and out of things so quickly, they don't bother to end things, very much like Monty Python used to be."

LISTEN UP, SOCIETY. These moms have something to say, and pay attention because they're only going to say it 367 times. 1:33

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