We're obsessed with this fan art from 'Gary and His Demons'

Same day, different demon.
(From L to R: @centeredselfartist/Instagram; @bohemian_vida/Instagram;

Have you ever been really talented at a job you hate?

Gary the reluctant aging demon slayer can relate.

Voiced by Cavendish's Mark Little, Gary is the grouchy main character with thirty years of professional demon hunting under his belt. He's sick of his job but he can't retire until he's found the next "Chosen One" to take his place.

Toronto-based studio Solis Animation brings the series to life with edgy character designs and dynamic action sequences that inspired some of our favourite fan art from the series.

Take a look at these artists and stream the entire season of Gary and His Demons at or the CBC TV app.


A long day at the office: Gary's looking pretty tired after a long day of demon hunting.

Here's a gel pen sketch of Gary's co-worker Bloody Mary. She's a mirror demon that makes her first terrifying appearance in the second episode Grundleman.


"Sword, make me better!"

This wholesome watercolour painting shows a happier side of Gary with his fiance Janine. Watch them go swing dancing before things go sour in the fourth episode Fleshler '99.


Gary's ready for battle after his transformation song.


Same day, different demon. Gary looks exasperated in this brush pen drawing.


We assume this is what Gary looks like after his second coffee.


No comment needed - just read the caption above.

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