Trump in hot water after announcing non-existent ABBA reunion tour

Donald Trump may have finally gone too far while speaking at a rally last night in Atlanta, Georgia.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—Donald Trump may have finally gone too far when, while speaking at a rally last night in Atlanta, Georgia, he referenced the first show of an ABBA reunion tour that he said had taken place the night before, a statement that apparently had no basis in fact.

"There's a lot of the negative things in the world right now—people are focusing on problems, including in my administration, it's actually very sad. There are so many, and I mean this, so many wonderful things going on in the world. For instance, ABBA got together last night, and played a wonderful show. They're going to play everywhere, this was just the first night. A four-month tour, I believe. You don't see anything about that. Nothing."

"The first song of the set was Fernando. Frankly a bold choice," Trump continued.

No media outlets have yet been able to confirm the performance actually having taken place, including CNN, the New York Times, and MSNBC.

Fox News on its Fox & Friends program addressed the issue only tangentially, with co-host Steve Doocy saying "And I hear a lot of excitement about ABBA today. I hadn't heard that. I'll look into that. Sounds wonderful," with co-host Brian Kilmeade adding "A wonderful band. Haven't thought about them in a long time. ABBA. That's nice."

A spokesman for founding member Björn Ulvaeus said, "ABBA has always sought to remain an apolitical band, and as such have no comment on the President's statement, though I believe they are all vacationing separately."

When pressed on the comment by a reporter from CBS News, an impassioned Trump responded, "Sorry, are you Swedish? You have brown hair. So probably not. So maybe you're not so informed. Maybe you could tell me about an Aerosmith concert. White Stripes reunion perhaps. Are they playing tonight? Well maybe you should go find out, and be with your kind of people. The Aerosmith people, and I think a lot of people here know what I mean by that actually and they agree with it."

At press time, Trump would not clarify exactly where the concert had taken place, saying "You missed it. What does it matter? You can't go now. Even if it was Prague or maybe in Europe somehwere you can't go. You missed out. Sad."

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