Republicans' witnesses tell inquiry there's no evidence yet to support Biden impeachment charges

U.S. House Republicans launched their impeachment inquiry Thursday against President Joe Biden, saying they intend to "provide accountability" as they make their case to the public, their colleagues and skeptics.

Donald Trump loses bid to delay New York civil lawsuit trial

An appeals court Thursday rejected Donald Trump's bid to delay a civil trial in a lawsuit brought by New York's attorney general, allowing the case to proceed days after a judge ruled the former U.S. president committed years of fraud and stripped him of some companies as punishment.

Top U.S. military officer Milley taking 'safety precautions' after Trump alleges treason

Mark Milley, set to retire as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says he will take "appropriate measures" to ensure his security after former president Donald Trump suggested he had committed a treasonous act that would have once warranted death.

Judge denies Trump's request for her to exit election interference trial

A judge on Wednesday denied Donald Trump's request that she step aside from the federal case accusing him of illegally attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, rejecting arguments that she has shown bias against him.

Republicans target absent Trump, hurl insults at sometimes chaotic presidential debate

Donald Trump's rivals were quick to lay into him during the second presidential debate on Wednesday, ripping the former president for skipping the event as they sought to blunt the momentum that has seen him build a commanding early lead in the Republican primary.

Are we voting with our wallets to overheat the planet?

Surveys of Canadians have repeatedly shown that a majority would choose to prevent the bad things caused by climate change. Politicians think we won't make sacrifices. Maybe we won't have to, writes Don Pittis in his last business column for CBC News.

Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire

A judge has ruled that Donald Trump committed fraud for years while building the real estate empire that catapulted him to fame and the White House.

Where Donald Trump's criminal and civil cases stand

Donald Trump will have to report to face more charges, this time in a Georgia case related to the 2020 election and efforts to prevent a loss to Joe Biden. Here's the summary of Trump's legal exposure in major criminal and civil cases.

Biden makes 'unprecedented' presidential visit to autoworkers' picket line

U.S. President Joe Biden joined United Auto Workers strikers on their picket line Tuesday as their work stoppage against major carmakers hit day 12, a demonstration of support for organized labour apparently unparalleled in presidential history.

Federal probe of employee complaints about billion-dollar green fund now complete

The federal government now has the results of a probe it launched into a federal agency tasked with funding early-stage green technology — an agency that has been the target of employee complaints about hundreds of millions of dollars paid to the green tech sector.

Can the Great Reset really create a gentler, more equitable capitalism?

For years, the World Economic Forum had been looking for an opportunity to push the reset button on capitalism. That moment arrived with the pandemic, and the WEF urged CEOs and business leaders to build a new kind of capitalism that serves not just shareholders, but stakeholders, too.

Influential Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez indicted, gold bars and stacks of cash seized

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and his wife were indicted Friday on charges that they took bribes of cash, gold bars and a luxury car for a range of corrupt acts, including having the Democrat use his influence over foreign affairs to benefit the authoritarian government of Egypt.

A messy world once again intrudes on Canada's tidy partisan debates

One of the more remarkable aspects of Canada's diplomatic brawl with India over the killing of a Canadian Sikh activist is how rarely it gets mentioned by our politicians. We tend to give scant attention to foreign affairs in this country — a luxury we may no longer be able to afford.

Russian missiles pound Ukraine as Zelenskyy meets Biden, U.S. lawmakers

Russian missiles pounded cities across Ukraine early Thursday morning, according to authorities, sparking fires and killing at least two people. It comes as Ukraine's president was in Washington to persuade U.S. lawmakers to provide more military support for the war effort.

Manitoba NDP take 11 percentage point lead over PCs: Probe poll

Another survey of Manitoba voter intentions has the New Democrats well ahead of the Progressive Conservatives.

Canadian-founded Rumble rejects British government request on Russell Brand content

Rumble, Canadian-founded video platform that has gained currency among right-wing pundits and websites, is rejecting a request from a British parliamentary committee to stop comedian Russell Brand from being able to monetize his content there as sexual assault allegations are being investigated.

Ukraine's war plays out on the political battlefield this week: Here's one scene

Ukraine's fate is being fought on the political battlefield this week, with the country's leader looking to shore up support in North America, especially in a wavering Washington. Here is one scene from that front: a showdown at the UN

U.S. attorney general defends independence in midst of Trump, Biden probes

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland told a Republican-controlled congressional committee on Wednesday that he runs a nonpolitical department that does not do the bidding of the president.

With sights set on China, Japan to make deal with Canada on EV supply chains

As political tensions with India remain at an all-time high, the Trudeau government is preparing to make some incremental progress with a key ally in its Indo-Pacific strategy — Japan.

Ray Epps, subject of right-wing Capitol riot conspiracy theory, charged with Jan. 6 offence

Ray Epps, a former Marine who became the centre of a Jan. 6, 2021, conspiracy theory, has been charged with a misdemeanor offence in connection with the U.S. Capitol riot and is expected to plead guilty, according to court papers filed Tuesday.

UAW threatens expanded U.S. strikes on Friday, if negotiations don't see 'serious progress'

The leader of the United Auto Workers said that a limited strike targeting plants in Missouri, Michigan and Ohio may be expanded if "serious progress" toward a new contract agreement isn't made by Friday at noon.

U.S. prisoners freed in swap with Iran arrive in Qatar

Five prisoners sought by the U.S. in a swap with Iran flew out of Tehran on Monday, officials said, part of a deal that saw nearly $6 billion US in Iranian assets unfrozen.

Halfway into Manitoba's election, are the PCs and NDP running out of material?

After nearly two weeks of mining the same territory — health care for the NDP and tax cuts for the PCs — both parties run the risk of turning campaign consistency into campaign fatigue.

Will voter fatigue and inflation be Trudeau's undoing?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has governed through Donald Trump and COVID-19. He has survived his share of self-inflicted controversies and low points. But as the Liberal caucus gathered this week, it was fair to wonder whether their hero had finally met an obstacle he could not overcome.

Accused killer of Muslim family explains in post-arrest rant his rationale for truck attack in London, Ont.

In the hours after his truck attack on a Muslim family in London, Ont., in June 2021, the accused killer told police his anger at minority groups began with online research about politics and Donald Trump's election for U.S. president, and spiralled down a "rabbit hole" that led to anger and rage he could no longer ignore.