Top four most Canadian TallBoyz sketches 

From Indigenous issues to Drake, here are four Tallboyz sketches that are uniquely Canadian.

Only Canadians will get these these TallBoyz sketches?

TallBoyz is a comedy sketch series filled with hilarious, cartoonish sketches featuring four young Canadian comedians from different ethnic backgrounds. Their sketches and jokes often reflect serious political and cultural topics through witty, sarcastic humour.

From Indigenous issues to Drake, here are four sketches that are uniquely Canadian.

Vance in TallBoyz E1 S1 (CBC Comedy)


"I Know Canada" is a game show that puts your knowledge of Canadian-Indigenous relations to the test. Here, Vance gives Conor, a taxi driver, four clues to guess if Vance is describing an "Indigenous Canadian or Canadian penny."

Vance uses light-hearted sarcasm to reflect on the colonial legacy and stereotypes that the Indigenous peoples of Canada have been subjected to. 

Wrong answers only for this game. Sorry Conor, you ain't winning.

Tim's Jamaican

"I didn't realize I've been Jamaican this whole time!'

This sketch perfectly and hilariously embodies the diversity and multiculturalism in Canada as well as the identity struggle with children of immigrants. 

Tim, a Jamaican Canadian, grapples with his ethnic roots and goes through an "epiphany" to understand (sort of) and embrace his Jamaican identity.

The other Tallboyz, who helped Tim throughout this journey, also share their backgrounds—Vietnamese, Somalian and Canadian (well, before it became Canada). 

"At the end of the day, aren't we all a little Jamaican?" Oh Tim, we thought you got it. 

Could've Met Drake

We all know someone who knows someone who has met Drake.

The Tallboyz recall their almost-encounters with Drake, the rapper that Torotonians won't shut up about. PS: you can spot some on-point Toronto slang here.

Guled fell asleep when Drake showed up at the "litty" party. Vance was a second too late to make it to the pop-up art installation from the pop-up dispensary. Franco was a year too early to shop at the same American Apparel store as him. Tim rides a bike and guess what, Drake does too!

What is your near-Drake experience? 

TallBoyz opening scene

Last but not least, the Tallboyz very first sketch is filled with Canadian elements.

The TallBoyz storm out of a TTC subway as Transit Authority cops chase after them for fare evasion. Even while running for their lives, the 'Boyz still demonstrate some good old model Canadian citizen behaviour..

Guled signs a petition for the environment, Tim gladly accepts Niagara ice wine samples and Franco takes the contact info for a lost cat on a tear-off poster.

"We're not allowed guns. This isn't America," the cop says as he pulls out a can of pepper spray.

And all of this culminates in a sweet little Thelma & Louise moment when the 'Boyz jump off a rooftop.

TallBoyz season two starts streaming on February 16, 2021. Watch season one for free on CBC Gem.