The top 10 movies to watch if you're a Eugene Levy fan

If you need more of Schitt's Creek's Eugene Levy in your life, here's what to watch.

After Schitt's Creek's recent awards sweep one thing is certain, Eugene Levy exudes comedy excellence. Whether he's your favourite comedy dad or a mermaid-obsessed scientist, Levy can steal the show no matter the screen time. It's easy to get swept away in the unique character comedy Levy brings to every role. Here's a top ten list of movies to watch if you need more Eugene in your life. 

1)  A Mighty Wind (2003)

Prepare to have your heart stolen in A Might Wind. Mitch Cohen is one of Levy's most interesting characters and it's easy to get swept up in the love between the music duo of O'Hara and Levy. In my opinion, this is Eugene Levy's most heartfelt film role. 


2) Best In Show (2000)

Best In Show is front-to-back hilarity with an all-star cast. Eugene Levy plays a suburban man with two left feet and a strong love for terriers. Another Levy/O'Hara coupling showcases how brilliant they are together. Bonus: songs about terriers!


3) American Pie (1999)

After numerous sequels, you cannot deny that American Pie was a huge commercial success. Levy plays the father of sexually awkward teen Jim and absolutely nails it. It's hard to picture anyone else in the role. Like most teen party movies, not all the comedy ages well. If gross-out comedy isn't for you, I'd give this pie a pass.


4) Waiting for Guffman (1996)

Guest brings the usual crew to the community theatre in Waiting For Guffman. Eugene Levy plays a goofy dentist excited to prove that he was born to be an entertainer. This movie will remind you Levy has mastered the art of timing. 


5) Goon (2011)

This movie is pure Canadian comedy violence centring around hockey players who most certainly call their fists double-doubles. Levy plays the disappointed father to newly the recruited hockey goon, played by Sean William Scott. Goon earns its R rating in content and comedy.  


6) Finding Dory (2016)

'Family the most important thing': Eugene Levy on Finding Dory's central theme

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The Canadian actor, who voices a role in the new Disney-Pixar film Finding Dory. 1:09

Finding Dory is the Dory-centric follow-up to the box office hit Finding Nemo. Eugene Levy is back in the dad seat voicing Dory's father, Charlie. Eugene has such a perfect dad voice he could sell audio tracks of fatherly advice. 


7) Splash (1984)

Splash is an 80's mermaid rom-com featuring a rare villain performance by Levy. Dr. Kornbluth will stop at nothing to expose the truth even if that means dosing a few strangers with water. 


8) For Your Consideration (2006)

For Your Consideration follows a group of actors that believe they are on the road to the Oscars. Levy plays Morley Orfkin a flaky agent always convincing his client to lower his standards. 


9) Taking Woodstock (2009)

The movie isn't necessarily a smash but it is a pleasant watch with some great visuals. Levy plays Max Yasgur, the neighbour renting his farmland for the festival. 


10) Serendipity (2001) - The Guilty Pleasure Movie

I firmly believe every top ten list should include a guilty pleasure movie. This movie is super fluffy but sometimes you need something soft. Levy plays a curt Bloomingdales associate willing to bend the rules for some sales commission. 

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Rebecca Reeds is a Toronto-based standup comedian, writer and podcaster. Past festival appearances include Just For Laughs, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, JFL42 and Edmonton Comedy Festival. Rebecca co-hosts the award-winning podcast The Villain Was Right, where movies and tv are analyzed from the villain’s perspective. Follow on Twitter: @rebeccareeds

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