The election according to 22 Minutes

Let’s be honest, if we didn’t laugh at the state of the federal election, we’d be crying... a lot!

Let's be honest, if we didn't laugh at the state of the federal election, we'd be crying... a lot!

Luckily for us, 22 Minutes has been softening the sting of election time for the last 27 years and this year's campaign trail, affectionately deemed "Compromise 2019," is no different.


Sometimes, no one candidate is targeted. Sometimes just politicians in general take the hit.


The Trudeau Transit Ad


That said, the easy targets during this election (and every single federal election that preceded it) has always been the Liberal and Conservative leaders. 22 Minutes gave a few jabs at Trudeau's earnest transit ad.


Andrew Scheer scandal


And we use the word "scandal" very loosely.


Mrs. Enid goes Face to Face with Trudeau


Mrs. Enid grilled the prime minister on his "getting rid of the bird that built a nest in her hall closet" policy.


Andrew Scheer and Mark in Nova Scotia


22 Minutes actually went face to face with the Conservative leader when Mark confronted Scheer in Nova Scotia.


Another option


The tug o' war between Liberals and Conservative sometimes blinds us to the other options out there. And yes, Trent eats the orange like an apple. Discuss!


The Debate


If election night is the season finale, then the debate is mid-season cliffhanger during sweeps. All the candidates were on display and none of them were spared.


Conservatives caught lying again


Where were we? Oh yeah, Liberals vs. Conservatives. 


Cut the Wire

It's a metaphor, man.


Into the Election-Verse


And finally, this wonderful parody of Into the Spider-Verse accurately depicted if the Liberals win the election. And knowing what we know now, should we be worried?


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