The best of the Schitt's Creek fan art

Creative fans and artists capture what the award-winning series means to them.

Creative fans and artists capture what the award-winning series means to them.

(Artists: Sara Mielke/Jessica Cruickshank/Lizzy O'Donnell/Chris Ables)

In the years since Schitt's Creek premiered on CBC with its message of love and acceptance, it's garnered fans from across the globe. 

Some of the most creative among them have turned their passion for the show into beautiful fan art of the Roses, the Schitts, everyone in between and even the town itself. We've gathered some of the best examples right here, spanning its six glorious seasons.

By @obipatrickkenobi: "I watched the first season and immediately sketched David and Stevie."

I was inspired by the characters' reaction to neither having met a person like the other before and the quick, effortless, and genuine friendship they formed.- @ obipatrickkenobi

"I eventually drew the rest of the family to add to the illustration. At the time I posted the illustration to Instagram, I was curious to see if other people had seen this show from Canada with Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Chris Elliott."

By @gingersketch: "I had been challenging myself to do a drawing a day at the time, and settled on the Rose siblings since an episode of Schitt's Creek was playing that night."

I like the way their conflicting personalities are reflected in their clothes and wanted to play with that.- @ gingersketch

"I used paint markers, which let me lay down blocks of flat colour quickly. In my art I like to break things down into simple shapes and use bright, surreal colours to create a playful vibe that doesn't take itself too seriously."

By @tjkoland: "My work is always about minimalism and doing a tribute to Schitt's Creek felt so natural! It was a show that I enjoyed for years and then suddenly one day, my very conservative parents told me they found a new show to watch and that they thought I would like it too. And sure enough it was Schitt's Creek!"

A show that can bring together so many people from all walks of life is TRULY something special. And making those iconic Levy eyebrows was a JOY in this format.- @tjkoland

By @saratwice: "I imagined this wall of David's organized knits while I was on a long drive, so I had a really clear idea of it before I started. The piece is a combination of watercolour and vintage paper collage."

I like to tear apart old catalogs, so David's face is pieced from lingerie photos from 1970s catalogues, and parts of his beard are from an old needlework magazine. I loved making it.- @saratwice

By @art3mis_mia: "Growing up in Las Vegas, I was always inspired by neon lights and motel signs. Watching the show I was touched by its message for a kinder, homophobia-free world. The idea came to me on a whim and it was the perfect way to pay homage to my city, my love for the show, as well as my favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh.

has brought such a light to me and made me laugh on my darkest days.- @art3mis_mia

"On the night 'Meet the Parents' aired, I had just come out to my own family and I can't thank Dan Levy and the Schitt's Creek team enough for creating a world where I feel so much less alone."

By @sophieandlili: "I'm just a huge fan of the show and always inspired by their outfits/costumes. It was such a feel good, positive series."

By @megglester: "Schitt's Creek is one of my favourite shows so I had to do a piece honouring one of my favourite characters! My main focus is portrait work because I love people and fashion/expression.

When I first saw David's lightning bolt sweater and big, white sunglasses, I knew I had to do a portrait of him!- @megglester

By @dizzypunk: "I'm an illustrator by trade, my work is mostly geared towards children and picture books, but drawing fan art has been a way for me to play with subject matter I wouldn't get to in my day-to-day, as well as be able to celebrate stories and characters that I really care about."

is a show that feels both very nostalgic yet very current at the same time, which is something I hope to convey with my own work.- @dizzypunk

By @breenseven: "I loved all of the characters and the messages put forward. I like to think of my art as always happy and whimsical. It seemed a perfect fit when sketching anything from Schitt's Creek."

By @kendallmakesart: 

I got the idea for this specific poster while looking at vintage postcards.- @kendallmakesart

"I really liked the idea of creating some sort of souvenir item that would be in a tacky thrift shop, which is how the lettering came about, and it just kinda evolved from there. I spent a few days scouring the internet for stills that I thought embodied each character, and then I did the whole drawing in about three days, entirely on my iPad."

By @maycharters: "I am an artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I started watching Schitt's Creek when it premiered in 2015 because I was born in Toronto and knew the town in which it was filmed.

Watching the show soothed my home sickness. But then, of course, the genius acting and writing won my heart.- @maycharters

"It captures a joy lacking in a lot of media, and it honestly and inclusively conveys a world that is necessary for our times. I love the show so much and am happy it gained worldwide success."

"I work in tangible mediums — watercolor, pastel, ink, acrylic, oils — but this work was done digitally using organic "looking" ink markings on an iPad in Procreate. I had illustrated a children's book this way! I don't typically do fan art, but a friend and fellow fan asked me to do a line drawing of the Roses. I couldn't help but add the rainbow as its joyful colors and symbolism are everything I feel the show captures with such pride and beauty."

By @poprockdesign: "Since watching the first episode, I have been obsessed with Schitt's Creek. David and Patrick are pure magic. It wasn't until hearing Noah Reid's arrangement that I realized what a romantic song [The Best] is. Fast forward to David's olive branch. So perfect. So iconic. My heart explodes every single time. How could I not attempt to capture the playfulness of that moment as well as the beautiful lyrics?"


By @annettadw: "I'm a huge fan of the show and I wanted to create a piece of art to show my appreciation. I chose the Cabaret scene to draw because I really loved the aesthetics of it, and also because Emily sang the song so well as Stevie."

By @kazartdesigns: "I think my main inspiration was just the iconic images of Dan Levy as David with the sunglasses and lightning bolt shirt. My art style mostly embodies illustration type aspects with some pop art/surrealist themes and I'm never quite sure where the pen is going to take me."

I do absolutely love drawing the David Rose character over and over again because he embodies a larger than life cartoon character himself with such a wide range of facial expressions.- @kazartdesigns

By @jesscruiky: "I started watching Schitt's Creek just after I moved from Australia to Canada in July last year. I didn't know anybody here so the Roses almost became like a new family I could hang out with. I'm an illustrator by trade and I often feel compelled to draw the characters I love from books and TV shows, so I created this big family portrait. I work digitally using the program Procreate on my iPad, and probably drew this while sitting on the couch watching the show."

By @hate.potion: "I'm a self-taught artist from Argentina. I started watching Schitt's Creek last year because I'm gay and I love watching gays thrive... little did I know that I'd end up finding my favourite show. Drawing fan art has always been my way of honouring the things I love; a way in which I can somehow express my appreciation, gratitude, and excitement for them."

By @misterbnation: "As a fan of cult cinema, I know The Crows Have Eyes III would be something that I'd love to see for real. I made the drawings as fan art for the movie which would have joined the ranks of the very best of cult horror films.

"Moira means a lot to me, she's a very real inspiration: A survivor who will find opportunities to shine everywhere and makes the best of everything she does. 

is the goal for the Canada I want to live in.- @misterbnation

By @ccimoroni: "Schitt's Creek has been a source of inspiration for my art from the first time I saw the show back in 2017. Based on the writing, queer elements and fashion alone. How could I not be inspired to create work based around this show and its characters?"

"The first portrait I made was of David. I saw myself in him and I believe a lot of queer kids can identify with David's story: growing up in a small town and not quite fitting in, but somehow adapting to survive and make the best of it while still being able to maintain your own queerness and identity.

"My second illustration is of Alexis. She probably had my favourite character arc of the series. I love Alexis and David's banter and her 'ew, David!' comebacks are some of the most memorable quotes from the show. I created another digital painting of her in one of her amazing looks, with 'ew, David' reflected in her sunglasses. I also did another version with a bunch of her comebacks to David, cascading behind her portrait.

"I had a blast creating some Moira Rose paper dolls too! How could I just illustrate one of her iconic looks? Paper dolls complete with wigs, hats and bags and a glass of Herb Ertlinger's fruit wine. I created all of the pieces digitally in programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, using dry brushes and watercolor textures to render. The paper dolls of Moira were the most extensive to create but I was super pleased with the outcome.

I'm so thankful to this series for inspiring me and so many LGBTQIA+ voices. This kind of representation matters so much.- @ccimoroni

"I seriously can't thank the cast and crew enough for creating such a beautiful and hilarious show, with so much soul and positive queer representation."

Check out portraits of David / Alexis / Stevie / Patrick / Johnny & Moira

By @chrisablesart: "In general my inspiration stems from my genuine love of the show, but mostly from Catherine O'Hara's performances."

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