South Korean President Meets Kim's Convenience at G20

Kim’s Convenience makes surprise appearance at G20

Updated July 18, 2019 with a statement from Minister Freeland:

"In September 2017, I had the privilege of visiting CBC's Kim's Convenience set on the last day of shooting their second season, as well as to meet the cast. Both funny and heartfelt, the show highlights our vibrant Korean-Canadian community, Toronto's multicultural society, and the strength of our diversity.

As a Torontonian, I am proud of the success that Kim's Convenience has at home and abroad and for its representation of our Korean-Canadian community -- many of whom live in Toronto's Koreatown, an important part of my own riding of University-Rosedale. 

Korean-Canadians make a huge contribution to the social fabric of Canada, and I was thrilled to share a little piece of this great show – which is also broadcast in South Korea -- with South Korea's President, Moon Jae-In, on the margins of the G20 this year!"

The internet has a lot of dark corners but Kim's Convenience making a surprise appearance at this year's G20 in Japan is a win for the Digital Age. 

Twitter lit up as South Korean President Moon Jae-in was handed a t-shirt by Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland. Footage of President Moon Jae-in accepting swag from the Canadian-Korean sitcom stunned fans as they rejoiced online.

The story of the Kim's and their Toronto convenience store became a breakout hit after first airing on CBC in 2016. Kim's Convenience immediately struck a chord with Canadian audiences and is becoming more of an international sensation as the show enters its fourth season of production. The Canadian-Korean family has quickly become a fixture in the landscape of sitcoms adding new voices and perspectives into the canon of Canadian TV. 

A show's success hinges on its fans and the word of mouth they generate. Although a summit of the major economic powers in the world mulling over global strategy is not the first place you'd think to find Appa or Umma, Minister Freeland's appreciation for the show was not only an opportunity to enlist another fan but to make a diplomatic connection.

The internet delighted in the political stunt. Online supporters were amazed. News eventually made way to set where stars of the show, Simu Liu and Jean Yoon, who gave their take on the unexpected event.

Now that Moon has been introduced to Kim's Convenience, we hope he becomes as big a fan of the show as... well, Minister Freeland. 

With season four set to air this winter, you can catch up and stream the first three seasons of Kim's Convenience for free on CBC Gem. Sorry, President Moon Jae-in. CBC Gem is only available to Canadians, but the fourth season will be airing in South Korean in due time.