Ron MacLean scheduled to finally snap on this Saturday's 'Coach's Corner'

It’s been a long time coming, folks, and it’s going to be glorious.

TORONTO, ON—It's been a long time coming, folks, and it's going to be glorious.

Ron MacLean, co-host of the beloved mid-show segment of Hockey Night in Canada, has confirmed that this Saturday he is going to finally lose it, and turn on his partner Don Cherry, letting him know all the ways he has exasperated him through the years.

The mild-mannered MacLean says that he knows viewers might be a little startled by the decision, but he thinks the time has finally come.

"I think it's what the show needs at this time," said MacLean. "It's not a decision I've come to lightly. I engaged in a lot of sober thought and careful consideration before concluding, okay, yes, I will lose my top and really just go nuts this Saturday. Should be a nice time."

The blow-up will occur in minute three of Coach's Corner during the Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville Predators match-up. Among the topics MacLean is rumoured to be planning to tackle in the segment: Cherry's increasingly outlandish suits, and perhaps foremost, Cherry's unwillingness to even feign amusement at MacLean's trademark puns.

"It's like, come on, I've reached a red line on some of this stuff! So we're going to finally have a face-off. I really don't give a puck at this point," said MacLean, with a pleased smirk all the while.

At press time Cherry was rumoured to have agreed to MacLean's plans "only if I also get to lose my temper for once, sometime."

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