Politics, sex, religion and money: CBC's sketches tackle topics of discomfort with ease

According to a recent poll — ‘The Discomfort Index’ conducted by Leger — the four main topics that stir up a sense of discomfort among Canadians are politics, religion, sex and money. Perfect material, then, for sketch comedy.

Is there a topic that makes you want to disappear the moment it pops up in a conversation? According to a recent poll — 'The Discomfort Index' conducted by Leger — the four main topics that stir up a sense of discomfort among Canadians are politics, religion, sex and money. Perfect material, then, for sketch comedy.

The art of depicting these taboo topics in the most entertaining and appropriate way is like walking a tightrope — a slight imbalance could result in a debacle. 

We've rounded up a few sketches from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Baroness von Sketch Show, TallBoyz and The Kids in the Hall. Allow them to demonstrate how to address the topics of politics, religion, sex and money with ease.


An extremely volatile topic that could incite a verbal (or actual) war and turn the best of friends into enemies; politics is something we all like to steer clear from to keep things civil. Doing just the opposite, these sketches are brutal with their honesty.

Historical throwback

Every sealed deal has a significant story behind it. In the 22 Minutes sketch "God Save Whom?", watch the historic moment Canada became a sovereign nation in 1982 with the signing of the Constitution Act.


Campaigning on the move

The run-up to elections is the best time to spot politicians everywhere. Don't be surprised if you find them sharing a seat with you on your daily commute.


Spotlight on Alberta

Trump sure does deliver interesting speeches, but have you heard the one in which he propagates the agenda to "Make Alberta Great Again"?


When opposition speaks...

For some, age is just a number. But for the opposition, age does seem to determine your capabilities to be a reliable leader.


Tougher than trivia

Trivial questions can put you in a tight spot especially if it revolves around a sensitive political situation that has been prevalent for ages. TallBoyz ensured there was no stone left unturned when it came to addressing this.



Awkward silence. This is generally the response to intimate talk, especially if you aren't well acquainted with someone. Scroll along and watch these sketches that don't shy away from speaking out loud about sex.

Know your facts

Taking you back to basics on the not so popular topic is this sketch from Baroness von Sketch Show. Stay focused as there's a lot to learn!


Anytime is not always a good time

Lessons learnt from this sketch from This Hour Has 22 Minutes — don't show up unannounced and don't assume that seniors do not know how to have a good time.


Variety isn't always the spice of life

Adding creativity to spice things up may not always land the way you imagined it to. The Baronesses explain as they take a shot at roleplaying in this sketch.


Dirty talk

Taking a trip back in time, Chicken Lady teaches you how to talk dirty in this sketch from the classic series The Kids in The Hall.


Take your pick

They say there's someone for everyone. And when there's no one, the Baronesses show us there's something for everyone.



Have you ever had to pray to get yourself out of a discussion about the divine? A rendezvous about religious beliefs and practices may wave a flag of concern for many. Here are a few sketches that talk about religion without worrying about the repercussions. 

Church invite

What happens when a casual visit to the park leads to an invitation to Sunday service? Watch the Baroness approach in this sketch. 


Tolerating the ignorant

Ignorance isn't appreciated when it comes down to labelling people from certain religions. TallBoyz takes a deep drink of tolerance as they slide through an uncomfortable dinner conversation on the topic.


An atheist's carols

This 22 Minutes sketch celebrates Christmas in an alternate setting with a medley of atheist carols which sure are pretty catchy!


What do you see?

God has no form and visual reference. Tackling this prompt in a classic game of Win Lose or Draw is this sketch from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.


Contrary to popular belief 

Way ahead of the times in the light of controversy were The Kids in the Hall with their sketch "Dr. Seuss' Bible". When all other channels were exhausted, religious groups resorted to child literature to propagate the power of the divine.



Money makes the world go round. But not so much when it comes to money matters.

What's your worth?

Let's start out with the disparity in income which is showcased by the Baronesses in this sketch "Wage Gap".


Gifting woes

Does gifting a gift card translate as cheap? The Three Kings seemed to have received an earful for their thoughtful gesture in this sketch from This Hour has 22 Minutes.


'I've got this!'

Here's a classic example of how people like to exhibit their wealthy economic status when it comes to paying the bill, but just the reverse when it comes to donating to charity.


Credit/reality check

Talking about your bank balance and financial situation in front of a former love interest is a situation you definitely don't want to be in!


If you've enjoyed watching these 'out of your comfort zone' sketches, there's much more to explore on CBC Gem.