Nation wakes up after birthday party with major hangover and vague memories of huge duck

Oh man, what did we get up to last night?

BRANDON, MB—Oh man, what did we get up to last night?

I remember getting dressed up for the 150th birthday party. I remember grabbing some drinks at the LCBO (on Friday, before it closed up. Smart!). I remember grabbing some fireworks. I got together with friends, took my first sip, and then it all got a bit blurry.

I remember seeing a giant, giant duck out of the corner of my eye.

I remember… and this can't be the case, because it was Canada's birthday and they're Irish, but I could have sworn I saw Bono and the Edge from U2 playing? It was probably Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor. Or maybe Ed Robertson and Steven Page got back together? Cummings and Bachman? And yet I swear the one guy had sunglasses and the other guy was wearing a knit cap.

Oh wait of course, that must have been Geddy Lee and Neil Peart from Rush! Of course, of course. Wow, Geddy Lee's voice has gotten a lot lower.

But mainly: that duck. What?

Maybe it was a loon that they painted yellow? Maybe it was a beaver that they painted yellow and accidentally made look like a duck? Maybe rubber ducks have some significance to Canada that I don't know about? (Something to do with William Lyon Mackenzie King, probably).

I guess you can't handle your partying quite as well when you turn 150. Gonna slow it down a bit in year 151, I think.

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